Monday, August 11, 2008

A Woman's Point of View

Many women that came to work on sugar plantations in Hawaii were mostly picture brides. So they were expected to work alongside their husband. They were paid fifty cents for a ten hour work day (normally earning $13 a month) and were paid sixty-six percent of what men were paid. Women’s jobs included weeding the fields, stripping the cane of dry leaves, irrigating, and cutting seed cane. Sometimes they would also do the heavy duty work which included cutting, carrying, and loading cane. Not only did they do lots of hard work they would have to go home and care for their husbands by providing food and making sure the house was kept clean. Births of children did not stop these women from working they would go back to work with their babies tied to their backs. To make more money due to a larger family some women had to take other jobs like becoming house servants, maids, and cooks. Life for women on the plantation was not at all what we thought it was. These women worked just like men and it's time we start doing the same. We are all Equal!!!

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